The scattered creativity of Margherita Missoni

  • Story originally published in October of 2020

“I always had this idea of not throwing things away, but rather giving them a new meaning. M Missoni carries the motto of ‘You always live longer’, ”says M Missoni’s Creative Director, Margherita Missoni in an interview for the second day of Iguatemi Talks Fashion. Coordinated by Vogue Brazil’s Content Director, Paula Merlo, the conversation focused on Margherita’s creative processes, from her personal life to the creation of M Missoni’s ethical branding, which since 2018 has been coordinated by the one.

“To be creative, I have to be bored. During the quarantine here in Italy, not only I, but I believe that many, had the chance to find themselves doing nothing and our minds were the place where we could explore the unknown. ” Margherita narrates that in order for her creativity to be always lively and fluid, in addition to visiting museums, art galleries and watching films from the last century, it is also in unexpected places where she is inspired in an abundant and unexpected way. “Visiting the flea markets is my side B, is where I find a diversity of thoughts, products and cultures ”. Side B refers to how she seeks innovative ways in her life, which also applies to the creation of pieces by M Missoni through the reinvention of the past. Margherita says that when she took on the brand, she made the decision to transform it via a sustainable model of commerce.

M Missoni’s Creative Director, Margherita Missoni

Influenced by her mother and grandmother since childhood to reuse and sew inherited pieces for her and her sister, something that influences her creative ethos. “We reuse because we are giving the past a new life, both for the material and the concept of the piece. We have remade a product so that it can meet modern needs. And we respect Missoni’s past, but I also included new values. ” History and narratives around the brand are also analyzed by Margherita as the starting point for her to explore the union between past and present. Having had the opportunity to study her family’s legacy through archives, and historical pieces in collaboration with Vogue Italy, allowed her to create the idea of affection and collaboration in the design of the “new Missoni” when Margherita took over in 2018.

The idea of ​​collaboration is not only done within the brand but also in a remote and dispersed way. In the first half of this year (2020), M Missoni collaborated with the co-creation platform AwayToMars to launch an initiative where designers from different locations could create pieces according to the instructions presented by M Missoni. The clothes that captured Margherita’s attention and also voted by the public were joined to form a collection. Joining the desire to rebuild the brand from the perspective of odd minds, Margherita says that “M Missoni is an idea, a brand for everyday life, for real people. For people who live their lives truly and not superficially. These are the people that I love to collaborate with and the same regarding the customers ”. Equally to the concept of “you always live longer”, she also hopes to find and bring this idea to her partners through her clothes as the first representation of the human diversity in society.

Vogue Brazil’s Content Director, Paula Merlo

As a brand in the process of discovering its consequences outside the commercial environment, Margherita concludes by noting the need for large players to be more independent in the business standards on which they are based. “At Missoni, we resolve to implement only one collection per year. Because we want our concept of significant pieces to be present materially. Making a subjective communication with our customers, indicating that several collections a year are no longer necessary ”. In her view, the rhythm of the fashion world no longer responded with the real meaning of the garments, of being something useful and relevant to the consumer due to a large number of options within just one household name, however “with Covid-19 we are all collectively starting to make this reevaluation. Succeeding to do with what we already have, resignifying the past once again ”.

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